Renovation Announcement

green-leaf-e1361904882118Westbrook Farm is excited to announce the renovation of our indoor arena to include Surefoot ™ Equestrian Footing! Surefoot ™ is one of the most shock absorbent, anti-concussive footings on the market today. Being made from 100% recycled tires, it is extremely environmentally friendly and is also dust-free. Our footing rests on a solid blue stone base which has been laser leveled to help you and your horse achieve peak performance.

The addition of this footing is just the latest environmentally friendly aspect of our farm! Some of our other earth friendly features are:

Manure Composting – Manure is collected and turned daily then repurposed as fertilizer. Because the composting process converts nitrogen into a less soluble form, it is less likely to be washed out of manure and into ground water and surface water. Using compost instead of chemical fertilizers can reduce our use of non-renewable resources like natural gas. Approximately two percent of the natural gas consumed in the United States goes into the manufacturing of nitrogen fertilizer.

Natural Fly Control – Westbrook Horse Farm implements the use of Fly Predators to control flies and fly larva as opposed to auto-spraying of chemical fly repellants harmful to both you and your horse. Fly predators control flies at the root of the problem by consuming the eggs of flies before they hatch! This reduces the need for chemical pesticides and there is no downside as fly predators do not bother horses or people!

Storm Water Management – Westbrook Horse Farm worked with the State of Maryland to design and implement the use of gutter and drainage systems to collect water both from impervious surfaces and run off and direct them to a storm water management retention pond