Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the farm managers live on-site?
A: YES! Our farm manager lives on site and are always available to you and your horse!

Q: Is there a place for me to change and shower if I want to ride before going to work?
A: YES! Westbrook Horse Farm has a Boarder’s Lounge complete with a full bath (with shower) as well as a kitchen and lounge area.

Q: Does the farm restrict the amount of food available or charge extra if my horse eats more?
A: No! Horses here enjoy access to green pastures for grazing, free-choice hay and enough high-quality feed to leave your horse full and happy.

Q: Is the farm located near any parks or trails?
A: YES! We are conveniently located near several parks, such as Rosaryville and Patuxent River which offer extensive trail systems for all levels of riders. We are also located just minutes from the PG Equestrian Center.

Q: I can only visit on the weekends. Will my horse be given personal attention and monitoring everyday?
A: YES! Every horse is brought in a monitored for wellness and interacted with at least twice daily.

Q: Can the vet/farrier/trainer I use come to the farm to work with my horse?
A: YES! We always welcome your service providers on the farm. If you don’t have one, we can make a recommendation for you!

Q: Is the farm open to the public?
A: No, Westbrook Horse Farm is a private facility where you and your horse can enjoy a quiet atmosphere. Our facilities, including our indoor arena and outdoor sand ring are reserved exclusively for our boarders, and their occasional guests.

Q: Is the arena footing suitable for performance horses?
A: YES! Our newly installed Surefoot ™ Equestrian Footing is one of the most shock absorbent and anti-concussive footings available in the industry! Whether you ride for pleasure or sport, our footing ensures the maximum comfort and safety for you and your horse!